Our Staff


James R. McCabe

President & Principal Officer

James R McCabe has been a member in good standing of Local 500 for over 30 years. He started in 1984 with M. Buono Beef Company, which was a nonunion company. Within the first year of his employment and through the efforts of Local 500 trustee Bill O'Farrell Jr., the union was successful in securing a contract for the members there.

In the early 1990s, James was appointed as a representative to the Local 500 executive board by then-President William O'Farrell, serving 3 1/2 years. He was involved with several organizing drives including Quaker Valley Foods, where he served as a business agent, and Miami Aircraft Support team. He also was an overlapping business agent at Septa alongside business agent Joe Coughlin. Besides working at Buono Beef Co., he worked at Acme Markets for nearly 25 years.

Favorite Quote: (Mother Teresa) “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

William A. Fitzgerald

Secretary Treasurer

William Fitzgerald has been a Teamster in good standing for 40 years. He has been actively involved in representation and organizing over that time period. He served as a shop steward at Fleming Foods for 5 years. Than served again as a shop steward for 4 years at Acme Markets. He worked very hard to find work and positions for the displaced workers from Fleming after they ceased operations. He has sought to do this for many displaced members of defunct companies throughout his 4 decades of service.

He has also negotiated nemorous contracts and defended them along with the members they cover. During his tenure he has proudly served on Local 500's Executive Board since 2011 as Vice President and now as Secretary Treasury.

Franklin J. Gallagher

Vice President

Frank Gallagher has been a Teamster in good standing for the past 26 years. He has served as a shop steward for 7 of these years at Sysco Foods. For the past 2 years he has worked for Acme Markets. He joined Local 500 in 1989 when Bill O'Farrell was the presiding President and principal officer. His experience through the years as a Shop Steward has helped him in many difficult representative battles.

Many of our brothers and sisters know how unfavorable arbitration rulings challenge a representative. As a result Frank has had to rise to these challenges by adapting to new rules and situations. He effectively fought some very difficult management tactics to defend our members and their contract. We believe he’s is a good examples of ways to prevail in difficult times for our members.

Frank is actively involved in ongoing organizing drives with Benjamin Foods and Dunkin Donuts. He started serving as a Trustees in 2011 and now proudly serves as our Vice President.

Floyd D. Mason

Recording Secretary

Floyd Mason has been a Teamster in good standing for many years with Local 500. He is currently a shop steward at SEPTA's largest facilities on Market Street in Philadelphia. Through the years he's dealt effectively with a very complex bureaucratic organization to resolve contractual and represtative issues. Our members at SEPTA's main location on Market Street work in many different departments and classifications.

Floyd has worked with a calm and undaunting resolve to hold the Authority to honor Local 500's contract agreement. Few people can keep management in check with such day to day complication and interpretations. Over the years he's resolved issues with members in classifications such as Claims Adjusters, Score Keepers, Lab Technicians, Clerk Receivers, Mechanical Draftsman and transit tellers to name a few. Many of which exist in different department with differing rates and rules. He's been a an excellent representative for the members at SEPTA and our Local in general.

In 2011 he became a Trustee on our Executive Board and is now our current Recording Secretary.


Robert E. Welsh


Robert Welsh has been a Teamster in good standing for 41 years. He has been a shop steward for 17 years representing members throughout different SEPTA locations. During his tenure he has vigorously defended and represented our members and SEPTA contract. He has brought these years of representation experience and served as Trustee on our Executive Board since 2011.

Douglas Edwards


Douglas Edwards has been a Teamster in good standing for 24 years. He has served as the Shop Steward for Ellis Coffee and Marano Trucking for 9 years. Doug began his career as a Teamster in 1992 and has been actively involved since that time. Throughout his years as a Steward he has represented our members and fought for the best contract terms possible. When Ellis Coffee outsourced their delivery distribution he fought vigorously to hold onto key negotiated protective language. During this transition period he exhibited leadership in his efforts to hold onto existing member gains obtained through years of contract negotiations.

William Danos


William Danos has been a Teamster in good standing for over 20 years. He has been a shop steward for 7 years and an assistant for numerous additional years. During his tenure in the airfreight industry he has fought to represent members by settling contractual disputes and assisted in negotiations. Throughout the years he has participated in elections, organizing drives and picket line activities.




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